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2/27/2017 - To Your Health

Small changes= Healthy rewards | Preventing heart disease | Make fire safety a priority | The test we love to hate: Colonoscopy

12/28/2017 - To Your Health 

New Year's Eve fireworks safety | My child has a heart murmur. What does that mean? | Chemo brain is real | Help improve health care in Jefferson County

11/15/2017- To Your Health

Avoid being counted in these statistics | Is it allergies or a sinus infection? | Enjoy the holidays while managing your diabetes

10/30/2017 -
To Your Health

Autumn safety tips | Breast cancer survivorship--What are the next steps? | When it comes to a stroke, every moment counts | Attack type 2 diabetes

09/13/2017 - To Your Health

Understanding addiction and recovery | Where you get your mammogram matters | The flu stops with you

08/16/2017To Your Health

It's a Brand New Day | Protect your vision during the eclipse | Use emojis for better communication

10/13/2016 - To Your Health

Binge-watching TV and your health | Getting your taste buds and heart to agree | Smart devices and their impact on your child’s vision

07/29/16 - To Your Health

Don’t let ticks drain the fun out of summer | Stress – And its impact on your health | Is it an emergency?

02/17/2016 - To Your Health

My child has a heart murmur. What does that mean? | Cut your sodium intake | Treatment for dry eye disease

12/8/2015 - To Your Health

Tummy troubles? It may be ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease | White glow in child's pupil could reveal eye disease | A five-point plan for reaching your goals in 2016

09/8/2015 - To Your Health

Differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes │ Talking to your doctor about prolapse│Keeping track of your health history

05/14/2015 - To Your Health

Don’t get burned │ Better Breathers Club gives hope │Tiny ears and big noises

02/27/2015 - To Your Health

Seven methods to make your meals healthy and delicious │ Tips to protect and care for your brain │ Developmental milestones for your new baby

10/30/2014 - To Your Health

The scariest thing about Halloween may be – sugar │ It’s time to “fall back” │ Watching your waistline

08/29/2014 - To Your Health

Summer air quality and your health │ School is in session and that means more in your child’s backpack │ Knowledge is key when it comes to ovarian cancer

06/18/2014 - To Your Health

Man vs. doctor │ Rates on ADHD on the rise │ Cool shades

04/16/2014 - To Your Health

Be a lifesaver │ Spring cleaning could irritate your allergies │ Sweet dreams for your children

02/19/2014 - To Your Health

Put a little love in your heart │ The test we love to hate │ No more meat!

12/18/2013 - To Your Health

Your holiday guide for reducing stress │ Lung cancer and COPD │ Coping with childhood diabetes

10/08/2013 - To Your Health

Immunizations – Make sure you’re protected │ Breast Cancer Awareness Month │ Follow My Health

08/09/2013 - To Your Health

Summertime nutrition tips │ Itchy skin? │ Exercise your child’s brain

05/31/2013 - To Your Health

Skin safety in the summer │ Talking about incontinence │ Preventing dehydration

04/05/2013 - To Your Health

Heart disease & women │ An eye on glaucoma │ Kids get healthy for life!