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DBS therapy improves life for those with tremor

When Kathleen Prezocki’s essential tremor progressed to the point that she could no longer do many of the things she enjoyed, she knew it was time to take action. “It was affecting me in eating, in writing and in speech. The medicine was not allowing me to control the symptoms anymore,” Prezocki said. Her doctors […]

UofL optometrist helping the impaired drive

Most teenagers look forward to obtaining their driver’s license when they turn 16, but driving seemed out of reach for Kennedy Raley. The college freshman has Stargardt Disease, a congenital eye condition that causes her to have a blind spot in the center of her vision. With the help of Andrea Smith-Gray, O.D., however, Raley […]

Video: Dr. Steven O’Connor | Veterans with Suicidal Tendencies

Dr. Stephen S. O’Connor, of UofL Physicians – Psychiatry discusses new approaches to treating veterans with suicidal tendencies.

Video: Dr. Glenn Hirsch | Overmedication of older patients

Half of people age 65 and older are on five or more medications. In addition to cardiovascular disease, older patients have multiple co-morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, etc. So as they get older, they get more and more medications piled on. The more pills someone takes, the more likely they are to not […]

Video: Dr. Lori Devlin | Opioid epidemic

Lori A. Devlin, DO, MHA of UofL Physicians – Neonatology shares that the opioid epidemic has resulted in a five-fold increase in babies being born with addiction and how babies are monitored and treated for opioid exposure.

Video: Dr. Julio Ramirez | Community Acquired Pneumonia

Dr. Julio Ramirez of UofL Physicians – Infectious Diseases discusses Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP).

Video: Dr. Claudia Espinosa | HPV vaccine

Dr. Claudia Espinosa, of UofL Physicians – Pediatric Infectious Diseases explains the importance of getting the HPV vaccine. She also reviews that through her research that doctors are missing opportunities to talk to young girls about getting the HPV vaccine that fights cervical cancer. 

Video: Dr. Martin Huecker | Opioid crisis and fetanyl abuse

Dr. Martin Huecker provides an update on the opioid crisis and Fetanyl abuse.

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